Step 1

Create Your Artwork

Please Review the Artwork Guidelines

Definitely use your imagination if you wish to set a theme for your artwork. Themes such a Family Portraits, Pets, Favorite Things to Do, spiritual holidays (like Easter & Passover), Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Vacation, etc. work well. Just make it FUN. One of the most effective motivators for truly memorable artwork is to let the members know that their artwork will appear on real Greeting Cards and Gifts that their families and relatives will use.

For “All-Occasion Cards” and Holiday Greeting Cards
Determine, either prior to the art session or at the beginning of the art session, the types of cards you wish to produce. You can take suggestions from the members. And then simply divide the members of the group into somewhat even numbers. If your group decides to produce the most universally usable greeting card messages, divide the group by a show of hands or work pods or any other method into an approximately even number of cards of each type. The most commonly produced all-occasion cards contain these messages: “Thank You,” “Happy Birthday,” “Thinking of You,” and “Get Well.” And of course, the sky’s the limit with Holiday Greeting messages and images!

Identify the artwork
This is an extremely important step. To correctly identify the member’s artwork and ensure the correct spelling of the member’s name on the printed card, please identify the artwork by by asking the group leader to write it. Please use a pencil so that there is no ‘bleed-through’ on the image on the front (felt markers will bleed through to the front of the artwork). Note: When we find the name in the upper left corner, it not only provides the correct spelling of the member’s name, but helps us know the orientation of the artwork in case the artwork’s orientation is arbitrarily questionable.

Ask the members to Sign their artwork on the front
In the majority of cases, the child’s signature will be visible on the card if they sign their artwork. This is a great feature that makes the card even more endearing. In this case, please do NOT use a pencil so that the signature is more visible on the card. Please keep in mind any image or writing that is closer than ¼ inch from the edge of the paper, may be cut off at time of printing.

Complete the simple form on the following page, OR contact our office directly with the information requested in the form (call or email us)
This form merely lets us know who you are, what products you will be ordering, allows us to identify your pricing during your campaign, and provides us all the information to generate your Sales Cards and custom order form. Please complete all items. When the form is completed, either send the form with the artwork, or contact us. Gather the artwork and place the form on top.

Send the Artwork to Us
Clip the artwork together. Make sure that each piece of artwork is identified with the correct spelling of the members’ names in the upper left corner of the back of the artwork. If there are several participating groups, as in a school with several classes, please bundle and identify each group, grade or class by leader name and class level. Contact us for the correct address to send the artwork to.

Note: It’s a great idea to send your artwork via a method with tracking (like Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation) as a measure to ensure your packet arrives safely.

Then, watch for your sales package from us! (All your original artwork will be returned with your final order.)

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